APRIL 8 - 10

  1. RMTC Spring Junior Open (BG12sd-18sd); (L6) REGISTER HERE
  2. RMTC Spring Junior Circuit (BG 10sd Orange & Green); April 10th only, 2-6pm REGISTER HERE

APRIL 23 - 24

  1. RMTC Spring Adult Open (MW 3.0-4.5sd; MW 5.0s); (L7)   REGISTER HERE
  2. RMTC Spring Adult Wheelchair Open (Coed A/B/C sd); (L5) REGISTER HERE
  3. RMTC Spring Junior Wheelchair Open (Coed 18sd); (L4) REGISTER HERE

MAY 7 - 9

  1. Spring Flatiron Compass (BG 12sd); (L3) REGISTER HERE

JUNE 24 - 28

  1. Mountain Ocean Junior Open (BG12sdx-18sdx); (L5) REGISTER HERE
  2. Mountain Ocean Junior Wheelchair Open (Coed 19sd); (L4) REGISTER HERE
  3. USTA Junior Circuit – MOJO 10s (BG 10sdx Orange & Green); April 24th only REGISTER HERE

JULY 5 - 10

  1. Boulder Babolat Open (MWsdx 2.5-4.5; MWsd 35, 45, 55, 65, 75) REGISTER HERE
  2. Boulder Babolat Wheelchair Open (Coed A/B/C sd); (L5) REGISTER HERE

JULY 23 - 26

  1. ITA Summer Masters (BG 12-14sd); (L4) REGISTER HERE
  2. ITA Summer Masters Junior Wheelchair (Coed 18sd); (L4) REGISTER HERE


  1. RMTC Fall Adult Open (MW 3.0-4.0sd; MW 35, 45, 55 sd); (L6) REGISTER HERE
  2. RMTC Fall Adult Wheelchair Open (Coed A/B/C sd); (L5) REGISTER HERE

OCTOBER 28 - 30

  1. RMTC Fall Junior Open (BG12sd-18sd); (L6) REGISTER HERE
  2. RMTC Fall Junior Wheelchair Open (Coed 18sd); (L4) REGISTER HERE
  3. RMTC Fall Junior Circuit (BG 10sd Orange & Green); Oct. 30th only, 2-6pm REGISTER HERE

This program is by invitation from the coach only.

Donna Chitambar

  • RMTC Founder, Director of Operations, Director of Marketing, RMTC Stylist!
  • High Performance Tennis Program (HPTP) Coordinator
  • 5430 Kids Tennis Foundation Founder
  • Her enthusiasm, dedication, and expertise are driving forces in the success of the Rocky Mountain Tennis Center
  • Passionate Adult 4.5 player captaining USTA League teams since 2010!
  • Management of high-end tennis clubs since 1999
  • Spa Management 1999-2006 – “Customer Service and hospitality are a must for any Club”
  • Bachelor of Science – Fashion Design, The Ohio State University
  • Kindergarten Teacher – 2 years
  • PTR certified Juniors and Adults
  • USTA Net Generation certified /verified Coach
  • Over 10 years coaching experience focusing on all levels of juniors

         “I love kids, and I love teaching them the game of tennis – Make it Fun and they love it too!”

Duke Paluch

  • RMTC Founder, Executive Director
  • Club Manager of former Harvest House Tennis since 1985
  • 5430 Kids Tennis Foundation Founder
  • Two-time collegiate All American, Gustavus Adolphus College
  • Gustavus Adolphus College Athletic Hall of Fame, 2012
  • Top-ranked junior Northern Section, nationally ranked
  • State of South Dakota – Tennis Hall of Fame inductee
  • Bachelor of Arts – Finance, Gustavus Adolphus College
  • USPTA Certified (Elite Professional)
  • PTR Master of Tennis-Performance; PTR Adult Certified
  • USTA/USPTA Wheelchair Tennis Certified Coach
  • USTA Colorado Tournament Committee Member – 20 years!
  • USTA Net Generation certified /verified Coach
  • Over 30 years coaching experience working with all levels juniors & adults

    “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!” – Muhammad Ali