Louisville Facilities

World Class Comes to Boulder County

Rocky Mountain Tennis Center is proud to offer state of-the-art tennis facilities designed by tennis professionals to maximize your tennis playing experience. When completed, RMTC will feature both clay and hard courts, 10 & Under courts, and the most indoor tennis courts in Boulder County. Located on a 10 acre site in Louisville, Colorado, RMTC will eventually have 25 courts including 14 indoor courts and 8 10 and under courts. Outdoor courts will have lighting to accomodate evening play. RMTC will feature the most clay tennis courts in Colorado with 4 indoor (under bubble) and 4 outdoor red clay courts.

Why Clay?

There are many benefits to playing on clay courts. The playing surface is softer and more forgiving than hard courts, reducing the strain and injury to knees, legs and back. In fact, clay courts can extend a player’s playing life by many years. Clay courts are the ideal surface for improving your game because they are effective in developing consistency and stroke techniques due to longer rallies. This makes clay the ideal surface for both the recreational and competitive player. And when we say competitive, we mean competitive. Most of the world’s top professional players developed their game on clay courts.

Tennis First, but Fun is a Close Second

RMTC facilities will include an outdoor recreational pool and a 25 meter pool. Outdoor recreation areas for member and tournament events, a full range of clubhouse amenities are all carefully designed and landscaped to take full advantage of our unrestricted view of the Rockies. RMTC will be a great place to socialize with old friends, new friends, and family. Whether you have been searching for tennis clubs in Denver, tennis clubs in Boulder, tennis clubs in Longmont, tennis clubs in Arvada, tennis clubs in Broomfield, or anywhere on the front range, you now have a new home.