Boulder Lesson Programs


Boulder Tennis Programs

RMTC Boulder offers both competitive and recreational programs. From age two to ninety two, from beginners to touring professionals, we have a program for everyone. Never played tennis before – no problem! There are many others in the same situation looking to develop their skills and make new friends.

RMTC Boulder features:


  • Private Instruction
  • The latest audio/video teaching techniques
  • Group Instruction
  • Drop-in clinics


  • Player Match Up
  • Recreational Play
  • Intra-Club league/Top Gun

RMTC is THE place for young tennis players wanting  to develop their game. Director Kendall Chitambar has a proven track record of successfully developing champions through high school, college and beyond !

High Performance
RMTC with it’s successful High Performance Tennis Program (HPTP) developed by Kendall Chitambar that in just three years produced Colorado Top 10 players in boys and girls categories from ages 10 to 18. In it’s 10th year now, he has developed players to the top rankings eat the  State, Intermountain and National levels. This year round invitation only program is currently limited to 32 players who want to develop their tennis game with the goal of earning college scholarships. The program’s coaches include international tennis coaches, fitness experts, sport psychologists, and specialty coaches. The HPTP program through its RMTC 5430 Tennis Foundation, offers scholarship opportunities to young, gifted players.

Is your goal fun and friends and or to compete at the highest level possible? RMTC will provide a level of instruction that’s right for you whether its individual or group instruction. In addition, our staff will find players of a similar level for you to play with or help you get involved with league or tournament play. We also have lots of fun summer tennis mixers for our members to enjoy!

Tennis is a life long experience. Again, whether your goal is just fun and friends, or you want to compete at the highest level possible, RMTC can provide a level of instruction that’s right for you.